by Wayne Carley

As with any new year comes the potentially volatile combination of elections, pending trade agreements, global unrest, environmental upheavals, speculation and other economic impacts. Navigating your unknown waters ahead well, will certainly require research, judgement, risk, calculation and the collection of any and all data, editorial content and expert opinions. My personal prosperity, as well as that of my company, may rest in how well read I am in regard to the experiences, opinions and well educated predictions of experts in their fields.

In light of Atlanta’s Fintech new year, continued prosperity is probable to the delight of some 30,000 Atlanta Fintech professionals. It’s the plan of Atlanta Fintech Magazine to provide a significant portion of the editorial content Atlanta professionals will be searching for to best conquer their invisible obstacles that lay ahead. It’s been said that there is great wisdom in an abundance of counselors, so stay tuned for a word from some of Atlanta’s leading shakers and movers in Fintech as they too prepare for 2020. Subscribe today at


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